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Old 2nd May 2007, 16:05
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Blackcat Paintball - Liberation of Stalag XVIII Alpha

Liberation of Stalag XVIII Alpha
Produced by: Blackcat Productions
Location: Fort Ord Military Complex - Marina, CA
Date: April 27th thru 29th, 2007

Back in December of 2004 the Southwest Regulators attended a game at a field never before seen. That field was Fort Ord, a former Army base located just outside of Monterey, CA. The producer was Blackcat paintball and earlier that year they had run a similar game in the old Prison located elsewhere on the base. Well now over two years later another game was being held on the ol' base. That game was known as "The Liberation of Stalag XVIII Alpha" it pitted German POW camp guards vs. American POW's. We Regulators couldn't pass up this game, so we made our way to Monterey!

Despite being extremely physically demanding due to the forty eight hour schedule we were hard hitting on the field. What ground the Germans took during the day we retook once the darkness fell over the field. Several times during the event we were outnumbered by the German team, sometimes by as many as 20-30 people.

In the end the German Guards emerged victorious in their stranglehold over us POW's. But the Southwest Regulators were awarded "Best Supporting Team" for our valiant efforts on the field. Whenever and wherever our Generals needed we were there, regardless how much opposition we faced. Yet another award for the already stocked trophy case, and another great game under our belts. It never pays to play against a Regulator!

See you on the field!
Lt. Techenigma, T.E.C.S-M
Ventura County Unit, Southwest Regulators

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Old 4th May 2007, 17:09
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Yeah Baby......

The field was intense, the game play was great.......Cant wait for more....
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