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Old 9th December 2013, 22:19
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REG Cadet Sponsor (RCS) Responsibilities

Once a player becomes a REG Cadet he is assigned a RCS.

The RCS will create a Cadet Monitoring Thread (CMT) in the Admin Sect.

The Officer Corps and NCO's will review the Cadet's participation as it progresses

At the conclusion of all Reg Sanctioned Events (RSE) all participating Active Regs (AR) are required to post in the CMT a Cadet Action Score (CAS) of GO; NO-GO.

Score using the following critria:
A. Time on field (in hours) (ToF)
B. Combat Performance Grade (CPG)
C. Motivation Grade (Motiv)
D. Character Grade (Char)

At the Conclusion of phase 2 the RCS will call for a CAS and Reg Induction Poll (RIP) in the CMT. All ARs are required to report a vote of Go, NO GO or "Abstain". A comment is welcomed to support the recommendation but not required. This voting is opened for 2 weeks.

The command staff will review the findings. There is no time limit to make this decision.
Command staff will then direct the RCS to inform the Cadet of the determination or provide other orders.

The Induction Ceremony will take place at the earliest convenience of the REG CMND.

A RCS must be an AR the rank of Sergeant or higher. A RCS may only sponsor four cadets during the same period of the evaluation.

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