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Old 10th May 2018, 14:15
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Gizmo and Zero Hour ZV

So, I got the opportunity to go to Zero Hour 5 in New York. Turns out that I had to travel to Schenectady for work to set up a new print center and that was 10 miles away from Albany. I got ahold of Blackbeard and he said I could come and play on Sunday, which was my only day off, for $20. Done!! I had my ex-roomie send my stuff out to my hotel and it got there on Friday. On Friday I went to the field and checked it out. Huge CQB stuff. As I was there, the OD guys got there and we went out and walked the field before it got dark .. I was impressed so much that I made a plan to "not feel good" and take a half day on Saturday. When I got to the field on Saturday, Blackbeard just told me to go ahead and play, he didn't even charge me. So on Saturday I got to get some trigger time and Fixxxer asked me if I could run radios for him, at Lobo's suggestion. So, I used my trusty Beofengs and rained hell upon the OPFOR.

the field is awesome and the best refs I have ever experienced, they had almost 75 refs to use. They had helo rides where you could shoot out of the copter and rain hell upon the field. Saturday's weather was 82 and sunny, very comfortable .. Saturday night game (I didn't play) was a monsoon, only 30 minutes but people played. Sunday was wet, sprinkles and muddy .. they stood no chance at making up the deficit but they didn't give up. Production asked them if they wanted to continue as many of them were leaving the field but BLUE general said to hell with it and kept going ... hard chargers.

The game is really cool. Like I said, almost all CQB. The game centers on what they call "Dcomms" It's a crate and they have three of the on the 50 yard line spread out. The ref blows an air horn, for what Dcomm is active, 1,2 or 3. Active is for 20 minutes. The objective is to flip the top to your teams color and hold it for the remainder of the time. While this is going on, there are side missions that require retrieving blood bags, rice bags, flags and rifle bags and bringing them back to game control. My task was to receive the mission from game control and send it out to the command channel and open channel that the team commanders were on, They would send it down to their teammates. This worked awesome and we had some of the best communication ever in paintball I've been involved in. I learned a lot about how the East communicates and plans their games, it's way beyond us west coasters. Anyway, on day one we had controlled most of the Dcomms and completed 5 side missions .. they were getting smoked. Day 2 was no better for them although they did hold some Dcomms. I'd say there were about 300 players first day and weaned to about 200 for day 2.

Best mission for me was Matt Tuttle and I spotted some guys across this small pond that had filled up on Saturday night's monsoon. They had a little hunter's blind behind some plywood. Matt had a box mag and I was using my T15 and had a flashbang. We waded into the pond to approach from their 9 o'clock through knee deep water and came on them from their blind side, we were vewy, vewy quiet until I tossed the flashbang in, Matt entered the blind and opened up on three guys. As he turned to find others, a sniper on over watch popped him. As I entered the blind I found him, fixed him and fucked him, two shots dead center on his goggles .. I amazed myself. My feet were soaked for the rest of the weekend after that.

I'd say this is a game the Regs want to make. It's ALL magfed and a really good time. NY is really beautiful up state and good weather. OD Project was very cool to me and had me over for dinners and shenanigans. They treated me very well and included me in whatever they did. I had a great time and I know if I had my brothers with me, it would be 10 times the fun. The field was 15 minutes away and the airport was 15 minutes the other way. We need to do this.

Got some good pics on my FB page but here's a couple of them.
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Old 10th May 2018, 20:31
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Very cool write up sounds like you had an amazing time and it also sounds like they know how to throw a really good scenario. And very cool you got to raise the Regulator flag!

SW REGULATORS Proudly Sponsored by LAPCO, Military Assault Gear and Tiberius Arms

" Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
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Old 12th May 2018, 12:36
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sounds like a plan

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is deadly
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Old 12th May 2018, 23:07
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Awesome! Thanks for the write up, Gizmo.

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Old 29th May 2018, 18:46
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Cool job Gizmo

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Old 5th November 2018, 20:51
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Holly shit! That field looks epic!

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