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Old 28th March 2007, 16:23
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New Forum layout for team changes.

Ok I have adjusted the threads we use for regulator team changes. Formerly we nominated someone, voted, and got final approval in one thread which was viewable only by Regulator team members.

The change is now:

That old thread has been moved to a sub-forum of "Regulator Administration" it is titled "Hierarchy" which is viewable only by us Regulator members. But the "Regulator Administration" is viewable by everyone. So now after we vote and approve a member in the hierarchy section we now post an announcement of the change in the "Regulator Administration" forum where everyone can post thoughts, opinions, etc.

I have posted in each respective new thread the "Thread Guidelines" so you can see what rules are in effect in which thread.
Lt. Techenigma, T.E.C.S-M
Ventura County Unit, Southwest Regulators

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