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Old 19th December 2013, 18:30
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Induction Standards

REG Induction criteria

Phase1. Recruit Invitation or Request to join
Players that display a high level of drive and dedication will be approached to gauge their interest in joining. Only Sgt. and above can officially present the troop to CMND for the purpose of joining. If any REG is ask by a worthy candidate to join they are required to bring that request to their Sergeant or CMND depending on the situation. The REG staff will hold a hasty meeting for evaluation. If the request is granted by the CMND staff the cadet will be assigned a REG Cadet Sponsor (RCS) then the next phase begins.

Phase2: Evaluation and Training. (no more than a 12 Month period)
1. Cadets must be able to demonstrate they know and understand the REG CREED.
2. Cadets must actively participate through the use of on-line media and field presence.
3. Cadets must participate in a minimum of 4 Sanctioned Reg Events. (Events example: Ops; Field Training; Meetings)
4. Cadets must create per the instructions and maintain an accurate Dossier data.

Phase3: Induction phase
1. RCS will call for an Induction Poll in the Cadet Monitor Thread. All ARs are required to report a vote of Go, NO GO or "Abstain". A comment is welcomed to support the recommendation but not required. This voting is opened for 2 weeks. The command staff will review the findings. There is no time limit to make this decision. Command staff will then direct the RCS to inform the Cadet of the determination or provide other orders.

The Induction Ceremony will take place at the earliest convenience of the REG CMND.

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