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Old 3rd September 2009, 18:12
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Cool Techie Talk of September

Tiberius Arms' "First Strike"

Paintball: First Sniper Round

Tiberius T4 First Strike Paintball Gun

Tiberius’ First Strike Sniper Rounds have been extremely popular among players looking for an accuracy and distance edge over the competition. Since the release of the Tiberius Sniper Rounds, interested players have been requesting a ‘factory ready’ First Strike paintball gun. Up until this point, players looking to use the First Strike Rounds would have to purchase a First Strike Conversion Kit for either their T8 or T9 paintball guns. In response to constant requests, the fine people at Tiberius Arms released the Tiberius T4 First Strike Gun.

The T4 First Strike is built from the platform of Tiberius’ less lethal line of guns. These guns are used by police and military forces. They shoot less lethal projectiles such as pepper-spray balls. Using this framework, the gun was modified to accept the First Strike Sniper Rounds. They will also shoot standard .68 caliber paintballs, in fact Tiberius includes an adapter to mount a hopper on top of the gun.

The Tiberius T-4 is straight tactical. The receiver and barrel shroud are one piece milled from aluminum and anodized black. The shroud features a quad rail design. The standard weaver style rails will accept any weaver-based accessory like a front grip, laser sight, bipod or tactical flashlight. Tiberius includes a sniper style scope (4×32 scope w/riser), bipod, rear buttstock, rail guards and 2 – 14rd magazine kits. The trigger frame is a standard 45 style grip unlike the other T8 and T9 guns. It is straight semi-auto with an external switch that can select between ‘S’ for safe and ‘F’ for fire. The magazines are made from composite plastic. They are light but durable. They feature an air-thru adapter that allows you to connect a quick disconnect from a remote line for constant air usage.

Since the gun is all aluminum it is a little on the heavy side, but you can’t deny the real look and feel of the T4 when in your hands. It will definitely take your scenario or woodsball experience to new heights of enjoyment and realism. The Tiberius T4 is offered by select dealers on the internet. Street price for the T4 is $899.00. Not the cheapest gun out there, but properly the most realistic, accurate and furthest distance shooting paintball gun on the market today thanks to the First Strike Rounds. They are pricey little buggers, but we’re confident that Tiberius will find a way to get the price down on them especially in light of their popularity.

Reports have shown that the First Strike Sniper Rounds are approximately 25x more accurate than the average paintball, carrying 2x the distance as well. First Strike utilize a combination of an aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology to maintain its velocity longer. Test conducted by firing 5 paint-balls and 5 First Strike Projectiles from the same marker at the same velocity (300fps) from a bench mount at a 45 degree angle resulted in:
Max Range of a standard paintball - 337 feet
Max Range of First Strike Projectile: 510 feet
The result is a 50% increase in range and unrivaled accuracy. Finally, players have an alternative to accuracy by volume or backspin gimmicks that simply change trajectory. First Strike conversion kits are available for all Tiberius Arms markers.

You non-Tiberius Arms owners looking to use the First Strike Rounds are out of luck at this time. There are no conversion kits on the market for the Sniper Rounds other than the current kits available for the Tiberius T8 and T9. If you’re looking at purchasing a First Strike Marker and don’t want to shell out the bucks for the T4, look into the T9 Ranger ST and purchase the separate T9 conversion kit. You can always break the T9 down into a pistol for sidearm use. Tiberius Arms now offers First Strike Spare Mags as well.


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