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MAG with Mage

House cleaning (starship troopers??)
Each team is given instructions to assault other corner or to hold their corner or both. The center is out of bounds. You must travel the tape line around to your objective. One can't shoot directly across the center. One can shoot at the joining wall to their corner.

Collecting coup: (starship troopers, Apocalypse
Each side is given a colored band, once they get hit they drop that band on the ground where they are shot. The team that collected the most op4 bands wins the game.

Full House: (starship troopers, Apocalypse)
The team must fill a building with as many players as possible until the end of a round.

Ultimate Frisbee Paintball: (Apocalypse, Forbidden City)
The object of the game is to move the frisbee down the field to the end zone. Each team has a team frisbee. The opposing team cannot touch your frisbee. Players can't run with the Frisbee, although they are allowed one step.

No Man Left Behind: (Apocalypse)
When a player gets hit they must hold their position with their marker pointed to the sky. An active player may rescue him by walking him back to the start point. The Rescuer must maintain a hold of the wounded player for the wounded player to move.
Alt: Object of the game to have the most living amount of players at the end. But players that are retrieved can stand on the back line and be a live player.

Tarp run (Apocalypse)
Each team has a 4 X 5 tarp. Four men each grab a corner. They can only move with all corners manned. Their job is to maneuver their tarp to the end zone. Whoever is the closest wins. Battle takes place in lanes. Red Left side and Blue right side.

at the game, have an envelope marked Ref to collect for a tip. Explain that you want the refs wherever we have an event to fight over who gets to ref us.

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