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GMAN 19th October 2017 12:09

Dead Legends 2 Dec 1-3 at Giant San Diego

DECEMBER 1-3, 2017

Produced by CPX Events
Event location: Giant Paintball San Diego

Dead Legends II pre-registration is LIVE!! Join us at Giant San Diego December 1-3, 2017!!


Bonus paint offer (ends 9/1)
Buy entry, air, and....
💀 2 cases gets 1 bag FREE
💀 3 cases gets 2 bags FREE
💀 4 cases gets 3 bags FREE
💀 5 cases bought gets 1 case FREE

Legendary Package (ends 10/1)
Get entry, air, 3 cases AND a set of GI Sportz Grillz for $299.95!!

Early Bird Pricing thru 9/15:
Entry - $44.95
Air - $7.49
Paint - $54.95

Pricing 9/15 thru 11/17:
Entry - $59.95
Air - $9.49
Paint - $64.95

Pricing 11/18 thru day-of:
Entry - $69.95
Air - $14.49
Paint - $74.95

Chapter 1
The year was 1852 and the California Gold Rush was in full swing. Americans and foreigners alike have descended upon Northern California looking to strike gold and get rich quick. Among the original 49ers seeking fortune during the great rush of 1849 was Joaquin Murrieta, a Mexican National from Sonora, and his wife, Rosita. With the Mexican War having just ended, tensions were high and it wasn't long before Murrieta was accused of stealing a horse and a dose of old-west justice was dispensed by an angry mob of prospectors and townsfolk.
Within weeks, Murrieta forms a gang made up of the grittiest banditos this side of the Rio Grande and set out to exact cold hard revenge on his enemies. These outlaws fund their personal war by horse stealing, stage coach robbery, as well as bank heists - killing anyone who gets in their way. Murrieta is quickly dubbed The Robin Hood of El Dorado by his supporters for robbing the rich and giving to the poor - but to his enemies he's known as El Diablo. They are joined by 2 other outlaw factions; the Muerte Banditos - experts in thievery, and The Sicarios - experts in gun fighting.
To stop Murrieta and his cohorts, Vigilante groups have formed to restore order in the near lawless Wild West. Commissioned by the Governor himself to lead the fight is Captain Harry Love, a former Texas Ranger and Mexican War Veteran famed for his true grit and keen ability to always get his man. Love has enlisted some old friends to join him in the battle against Murrieta; the notorious Six-Gun Posse and the deadly Regulators have joined Love in the effort to rid California of the Murrieta Gang once and for all - come hell or high water....
Chapter 2
After a grueling 3 day running battle between the Vigilantes and the Murrieta Gang, Joaquin and his posse barely escaped with all the gold they had stolen. The victory took a great toll on his gang and they were forced to go into hiding to regroup and rebuild. They traveled south, picking up people along the way willing to take a stand against authority and fight for the oppressed. He has set his sights on the small mining community of Lakeside, a short ride outside of San Diego, nice and close to the Mexican border.
Back up in Norcal, Captain Love has fallen into the boredom and completeness that comes from living an unchallenged life. One morning while reading his morning paper he sees the story of the raids on Lakeside and recognizes the signature style of his old rival Joaquin "El Diablo de El Dorado" Murrieta. He immediately sends telegraph messages to the leaders of the Six-Gun Posse and the Regulators, asking them to join him once again. This time he will put a permanent stop to Murrieta by any means possible, dead or alive.
As Joaquin plans his next raid he has no idea that Love has arrived in Lakeside, lying in wait. Who will survive this encounter?
Find out at Dead Legends - Chapter 2...

Carb 6th November 2017 22:43

can we get a head count and whats the plan on camping or hotel?

GMAN 7th November 2017 13:29

I am researching this I will post up best options but yes will need exact head count to get costs. I am a go for this event.

Carb 20th November 2017 20:54

oh shit...this is in san diego. I thought this was northern cali. lol.

GMAN 25th November 2017 16:58

Ok guys I need a confirmed head count for those that want to book a hotel room. Please post up ASAP your needs and if you want to share a room. I will start calling around Monday. Unfortunately I work Friday night so the best I can do is either drive up there Friday night around 2 am and meet up with my roomy or early Saturday morning.

Carb 26th November 2017 00:41

UP?!? Dont you mean down? Im trying to decide if I want to go down friday night of saturday early morning....Hmmm? Come on guys get off voxed and post some shit!

MajMalfunkshun 27th November 2017 07:45

I'm a go.

Jokerrw 27th November 2017 20:30

Does anyone know if first strike are allowed

GMAN 28th November 2017 15:56


Originally Posted by Jokerrw (Post 33621)
Does anyone know if first strike are allowed

Yes but since it's FPO you can only purchase them at time of registration and they will NOT sell any at the event only regular paint (You can thank Mr DJ Honu Fox for that). This is NOT a Giant event but this guy from IL who does this game out there. No more negative comments about Giant when other producers out there doing the players way worse IMO...

Ok guys updated the first post with itinerary and map.

Jokerrw 3rd December 2017 18:24

Had a great weekend. lakeside is definitely a long baller field. I earned another bead on my long distance shots cord. I shot a red player though the castle window from top of hill. Thanks Gizmo on the find on the room very nice. all in all had a great weekend.
Thanks Carb for the ride.
until the next adventure Joker out

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