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zenmic 25th February 2008 18:52

Official Radio Thread
What kind of radio gear do you guys use here?

L I T O 25th February 2008 20:41

I'm pretty sure they use the Radios with the 121 or higher privacy codes. I think they are the FRS/GMRS if I'm not mistaken. Those things are a bit pricey but well worth it. I got two Cobra micro-talk Li-ion battery type radios. Also, some type of ear piece with a PTT and mic is preferred. You can find them on eBay for around $20-30.

The medium-high cost of a radio and ear-mic setup is translated to better team communication and overall field performances. Uses isn't limited to only paintball as well. Money well spent.

Carb 25th February 2008 21:41

Most of use the motorola's w/ somesort of mic/earpeace setup. I have spent the big buck on the throat mics only to find out that the motorola boom mic for 39.95 works just as good. Only draw back. No ptt(push to talk) button.

zenmic 25th February 2008 23:22

Cool...just checking frequency compatibility. I was the Coms guy for our team. I use a Yaesu VX-7 with a headset. I have been a HAM guy for a few years now. KI4IJY.

Carb 26th February 2008 22:00

cool! we have been talking about trying to update to some kind of radio setup that is more reliable, but as always money seems to get into the way...

what would you recommend that would work with the iasus throat mics and be able to have some sort of base set up so anyone at our camp could monitor the action while reloading or taking a break?

I am thinking of upgrading to this gen 3 throat mic...check it out.


Carb 26th February 2008 22:02

the gen2 throat mics are now on sale for 39.95 that I originally paid 99.95 for.

DeeLux 26th February 2008 22:07

I'm due to an upgrade on a throat mic since my firefox finally took a dive (2+ years of service)

Where is the t-mic for 39.99?

zenmic 27th February 2008 00:26

I have never been able to get civilian grade thoat mics to work right on me, especially when I am moving. The only one I ever got to work were the ones that the Spec-Ops guys got to use. We were able to connect them to a set of Peltor electronic earmuffs, live-fire shoot and communicate just fine. I used a firefox on my Rino 120, and it kept moving around, so my voice was not clear to the rest of my team, however, I could hear them. On my Rino 120, FRS/GMRS radio, I used an old Jabra headset with a boom mic. Since paintball uses a full mask, the boom mic never gets in the way. Memphis, TN is flat so FRS/GMRS radios can get roughly about 1/2~1 mile range. The FRS standard has a maximum power output of .5 watts, and GMRS has 1 watt. To be legal, you have to register with the FCC to transmit on GMRS but unless people complain the FCC doesn't really enforce this. The teams in Memphis also use FRS/GMRS radios, so we had problems with people constantly keying up when I sent orders down the line. Since I got my HAM license, I modified my HAM radio to transceive on the FRS/GMRS frequencies. With my HAM handheld I have up to 5 watts at my disposal, so when I keyed up to send orders EVERYBODY on our team frequency heard me and me only. The sad thing is I was the comms guy before I got my HAM radio, so it was really fun dealing with the kids keying up and making my orders clear to my team. I use my radio for lots of other things besides paintball :geek:

I check the iasus site and sadly, they do not have a connector for my radio, but that is okay. I have learned to adapt and overcome with the headsets I have.

As for radios, there are options. The FRS/GMRS gear is perfectly okay, and quite economical. The issue is power. Channels 1~7 are only only at .5 watts channels 8~22 are 1 watt. If you can use the higher channels then you should get better range with your existing gear. You can also buy higher grade radio gear, and then finally you could bite the bullet and take a HAM test to get an FCC license and get a HAM radio. ;)

Carb 27th February 2008 21:16

Here you go LT!

Let me know how the service is...

Hey zenmic...I have seen some 2 watt and 5 watt motorola radios on ebay. The only problem is they are running nearly $80 a radio used, but the higher watt could be what we need to really get the good communication on the field we have been lacking.

As far as distance goes that is not an issue since most fields are not that big, but crisp and clear communication is.

zenmic 28th February 2008 15:13

I ran security a Midsouth Con in Memphis, TN. I got my crew Midland GXT600VP4.

They came in really handy. The hotel was really old and had lots of metal. My people we able to move about the entire complex and parking structures. We had no radio interference. The radios were on for well over 12 hours straight on a single charge. I got them in a blister pack and have 3~4 sets. I need to get new batteries for all but a 2 of them. They are completely compatible with standard FRS/GMRS radios, and they have the wattage. The Con Committee had bought several of the lower grade FRS radios to use. At previous cons they kept getting blocked and were not effective throughout the complex. I had my direct reports use my Midlands, and their guys use the lower powered radios. I used my Yaesu. :nanana:

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