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DeeLux 16th December 2009 16:49

Red Dead Redemption [05-18-10]
Sandbox Western game from Rockstar (GTA series)

Rockstar sends along word that they have released a their first Red Dead Redemption gameplay video, Introduction.


Presenting part one of our special new Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Videos Series: "Introduction" - an in-depth 4-minute first look at the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption.

Discover an unprecedented, detailed unveiling of the world, culture, characters and story - as well as unique gameplay features including the first-ever footage of Red Dead Redemption's advanced "Dead-Eye" targeting system.

Personally, I'm overdue for a fun western game.
And this really looks freaking awesome!

Just watch the video, mmmmkay

Greyhound 16th December 2009 16:57

This game is off the freakin' chain man. Finally, an open world, realistic game in this genre.

Can't wait!

DeeLux 8th April 2010 12:28

Free Range multiplayer details

create a posse with friends and be outlaws or lawmen.
Go hunting in designated area's
Take on gang hideouts
or battle each other!

All with up to 16 players

This game just keeps getting better.

May 18th I'll be Regulatin' the plains!

Greyhound 8th April 2010 17:51

This is gonna be awesome. Can't wait.

Also, can't wait to play paintball again. :eek:

BARE-IT 8th April 2010 18:07

Where is this game at? Are we passing on the Fresno game for this one?

DeeLux 8th April 2010 19:32

This is one o' dem fancy vidier games doose youngn's be playin'

MajMalfunkshun 8th April 2010 22:39

O.M. F'n GEE

Going to get this GAME.. come May we gotta get a REGULATOR pose together!!

WOW!! I'm actually stoked.

DeeLux 8th April 2010 22:58

Yeah, I can't wait!

Riding on my trusty horse along side my Regulator brothers will be awesome!!!!!!!

Greyhound 9th April 2010 12:12


Originally Posted by BARE-IT (Post 17084)
Where is this game at? Are we passing on the Fresno game for this one?

F'n miss you bro! LOL

Carb 10th April 2010 11:53

a little burnt out on call of duty right now, but this game may spark a little fire under my ol' kesster...LOL!:smiley campfire:

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