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TheSnake91 25th August 2013 08:08

First Strike TPX?
Has anyone who has a tpx or tipx done the first strike of or got the adapter for first strike rounds.

If so have u had any problems with chopping or anything like that?

Trying to find more info on this but I can't seem to find anything. Anything would be helpful.

SNAKE :akimbo:

Gizmo 26th August 2013 00:08

I roll Tiberius, sorry. :salute:

TheSnake91 26th August 2013 09:33

I know most of the regs do just wanted to know what all I needed to make a flawless operation fsr tipx carbine for decay lol

DeeLux 27th August 2013 12:19

Ran across this on the forums

You'll need the Adapter block

and the conversion Mag

The TPX forums on are a good place to browse as well

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